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Hi guys!   …a quick notion about Mimi :)

“Mimi Creations specialises in the production and publishing of animated material to enhance and improve the development of speech and communication for all toddlers. Since 2013 we have published 7 books about the character Mimi and his friends. Currently in the production stage of animated material we are moving towards increase in digital based publishing and side products of marketing material.”

Language – the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication.

With an exponentially increasing demand for growth in technology we are facing a widening gap in human connection and communication.

Communicating goes way beyond words. Touch, hand gestures, eye contact, smell are all important aspects of our daily communication.

Communicating and connecting has no boundaries, and is in no way written in stone.

Having searched all over for material, we quickly found out that a fun and child friendly aid for bridging this specific gap was sorely lacking.

Mimi Creations has published 7 books that present Mimi, an animated creature that uses baby key word signing to help young children enhance their speech. The Mimi team have travelled around Iceland giving caregivers courses in how to use our key word signing.

Moving towards animation and social application games, using technology to our advantage, we want to bring people closer together. Research shows, that key word signing enhances the development of speech for all but specifically those in need of assistance. Daily reaching thousands of children in Iceland, we want to branch out and see Mimi among millions of children globally.

– Join us in the quest for creating more depth and more heart in communication world wide – 

Warm wishes,

Hanna Kristín & team Mimi – xoxo

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